India, “The land of temples” has its own unique legend telling a fascinating story about its existence. Each legend is powerful enough to revive faith even in a non-believer. Amongst such numerous legendary temples in India, the temple of Gnana Saraswati at Basar (A.P) holds a prominent place.

Basar is a village with wonderful gardens surrounded by the temple premises amidst the dry and barren patches of the north Telangana region, 30-km from Nizamabad. Basar is situated on the banks of River Godavari. It is located at a distance of about 220-km by road and 190-km by rail from Hyderabad.

This is an ancient temple of Goddess Saraswathi. The temple at Basar is also the abode of Goddess Lakshmi and Kali...


Listen to Saraswathi Vrata Vidhanam and Geeta Malika online.

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